Research Projects

The CRS uses an interdisciplinary approach to incorporate computer science with a number of other relevant fields related to understanding the origin, nature, and application of human consciousness.

We share all of our research as online tools that anyone with an internet connection can access and view.

The methodology and nature of our research departs massively from traditional beliefs and attitudes about human consciousness and artificial intelligence.


Humanities Active


A comprehensive digital library of the world's mythological stories.

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Psycholinguistics Planned

Psycholinguistic Mechanics

A theoretical framework for analyzing human behavior in the form-factor of writing.

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Lexicography Active


A modern and user-friendly dictionary platform for dead ancient languages.

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A.I. Active


A computer science initiative to understand the origins of human consciousness.

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Humanities Active


A digital version of the Law Code of Hammurabi.

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Psycholinguistics Active

Mindspace Studio

A psycholinguistics podcast dedicated to the word "mind."

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