Delta release—eHammurabi

Delta release—eHammurabi

Posted by CRS Staff on November 26, 2023 for the eHammurabi project

The CRS is proud to announce that the delta version of eHammurabi is officially live. This is our most ambitious release yet; and it is packed with great new features. We are thankful for the various scholars, reviewers, and individuals that helped us improve the gamma version. 

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Major improvements in delta

The eHammurabi delta 3.1.0 release is our most ambitious release ever. We considered all our user data, feedback, and other technological opportunities before engaging in an extended series of furious development sprints.

Here are some release highlights:

  • Settings: added a Settings option in the header which opens an off-canvas menu that allows you to adjust certain features of the website 
    • Dark mode: changes the contrast
    • Color guide: green and blue text for repeated contents
    • Experimental features: new and exciting stuff
    • Page-specific settings for MultiView panels
  • Content
    • Added a Glossary section for important terms of interest
    • Added a Library section for more information about sources, authors, and contributors
    • Added individual pages for each law group and law
    • Added hover-activated tooltips on internal links to Glossary pages
  • User interface
    • Added social sharing options
    • Added citation copy and paste options
    • Added a better left-side mobile navigation menu
    • Changed the Version release notes page to match other OMNIKA-owned properties
  • Search
    • Added a search bar to the header
    • Added fast auto-complete search results based on user input
  • Experimental features
    • LawgicSnifferSM: read laws broken down into formal arguments according to principles of sentential logic
    • OMNIKA ControlCenterSM: a terminal-style console that controls personal Settings, cookies, and more
    • MultiViewSM for eHammurabi: an AJAX-driven, customizable multi-panel display of all contents for a given law
  • More
    • Changed the primary domain for eHammurabi from to
    • Added as a short-form URL for sharing pages

While we have much more room for improvement, it seems to us that eHammurabi provides the most advanced digital tool for studying the Law Code of Hammurabi.

What's next

We will be working closely with power users, creators, and volunteers in order to fix any issues, bugs, and other problems that may arise from this monumental release.