Future project announcement—Allo

Future project announcement—Allo

Posted by CRS Staff on April 7, 2019 for the Allo project

Today, the CRS is announcing its intention to launch a new project—Allo. Allo will be a modern and user-friendly dictionary for dead ancient languages like Latin and Sumerian. While we cannot share much else about this project at the current moment, we feel confident that it will assist greatly in our understanding of how humans developed consciousness.

Allo website

Our goal for Allo is simple. Ideally, Allo will do for dead languages what OMNIKA is currently doing for mythology. That is, we hope to take what is an otherwise scarcely studied humanities topic and introduce it to modern digital infrastructure through structured data. Much of our work on Allo will hopefully overlap with the content we are collecting through OMNIKA. Together, these two projects may help us understand man's development of language in a precise fashion. In doing so, we hope to inform our understanding of the importance of language in human intelligence and capability.